Microsoft Power BI displaces PowerPoint to storyboard business insights

June 19, 2016 david.taylor No comments exist

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“What-if analysis” goes visual using Power BI

Financial models in Excel are usually limited to calculating results for a single scenario at a time.  “What-if analysis” allows financial models to also calculate results for other scenarios; varying the underlying drivers and assumptions.

Visually compare many scenarios

As a decision maker, why not look at the results for several scenarios at once using data visualisations – say an array of charts?

Why not do this on an iPad or tablet using touch to change the scenario assumptions interactively?

Power BI in action

Power BI is a Microsoft suite of tools to ‘bring your data to life’.  In the example below, an existing Excel financial model comes to life…

Go ahead and open this Power BI report in your browser and give it a try.

Try Power BI – Click here

There are five key drivers of the results. The first set of dashboards in this report show you the effect of holding the other 4 constant and moving this up or down by 20%.  The final dashboard shows all possible combinations up or down and the distribution of financial results from best to worst.

Want to find out more?

This is an example of Power BI giving you an easier way to get insights; by letting you visualise the dynamics of your business quite interactively.

This combination is formidable – Excel Financial Models coupled with Power BI to bring the model to life for better decision making.

To find out more or have your existing financial model visualised using Power BI then contact David Taylor   at FAST LANE BI, a specialist Power BI and Financial modelling consultancy.

If you are in Melbourne, join us for the Financial Modellers Meet-up group  where I will be showcasing the Excel financial model used in this example.  The model is surprisingly simple as it uses the FAST financial modelling standard which supports scenarios.

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