Real-Time Mobile Applications with PowerApps

October 26, 2017 david.taylor No comments exist

Business is often fast paced and on the move. Your data doesn’t need to be left back at the office.

Here’s how to use PowerApps to keep critical information at your fingertips at all time.

Step 1 – Establish a connector to your data source

Step 2 – Create a PowerApps application for your smartphone or table

Step 3 – Start using it, and also share your application with your team

Okay, so what makes this real-time?  PowerApps connections can be refreshed on a timer.  In a recent example FAST LANE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE built a PowerApp that does an automatic update from the source connection every 15 seconds. All images and data on the screen is updated seamlessly with the latest information.

When would Real-Time monitoring be important to your business?

When you running a Contact Centre response group and someone forgets to log into that group – then clients with important calls who dial into that group won’t be served by your expert staff, but potential will go to a default route or voice-mail. That could be a major sale or worse a client needing support on a major incident.

Can I take immediate corrective action using a PowerApp application?

Yes, you can review the facts and decide what’s needed and take immediate action all within your PowerApp application. For example, you may touch a button to create emails, push notifications or initiate voice calls directly to that staff member or their manager.

How does all of this come together?

PowerApps is only the UI, or User Interface application. Behind the scenes the other key elements of the Microsoft Business Application Platform are working in concert to simply organise your data and connection, and to run your sequence of workflow steps seamlessly.

Want to see this in action on your data?

Contact FAST LANE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE and ask for a free demo of the Microsoft Business Application Platform in action including PowerApps, Power BI, Flow and the Common Data Service.


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