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January 14, 2019 david.taylor

Here’s a tip for Power BI that gives you the ability to get more control over placement of numbers in your charts and tables. TIP: Use filter context within a custom measure. In this example I’m creating a chart using a simple data set of Actual and Forecast values. The trick is to create a new custom measure that is context aware so that Actual values and Forecast values get treated separately. Here are some screenshots of the data, the finished chart, the custom measure and the chart settings… message me if you’d also like a copy of the PBIX file. Hope it helps…
Amount = var myType = FIRSTNONBLANK(‘data'[Type],”N/A”) return CALCULATE(sum(data[Value]), data[Type] = myType)

Example source data. Next step is to unpivot Brand values so you end up with just 3 columns
desired financial report chart
Custom measure formula
Standard column chart visualisation settings to achieve result.

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